I can only hope you don’t know how it feels to despise what you are becoming everyday.

To wish all of your ailments away only to see them stay and manifest and grow, put on a show for anyone who gets too close.

I never knew you went through this, I just assumed you were mean but in truth you were modest about the pain because now I’ve seen, been in your position and I don’t how to monitor it. I don’t know how you go through with it everyday.

The people I’m around don’t get it, they don’t know how it feels to look in the mirror and see hideousness look back. To want to slap the pain away because the sting distracts you from what is going on within… the sensations.

I don’t wish to go through it any longer, I fear how much worse it will become, in every setting of the sun I fear what I will have to face, I am at stake.

I was never beautiful but I was not a sore sight so now I am afraid.

It feels like a plague.


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