Ramblings of a simple woman.

Remarkable piece.
Thank you for writing

“I wake up dim-eyed in the morning.

Look into your peaceful resting face

And I want to make you,

a glass of freshly squeezed Orange juice.

Room temperature

– Unlike our fluctuating love”

I have decided to not let those that cannot see my amazingness to continue to milk it. I deserve to be loved with a love so filling that it aids in the process of being a better woman. I’ve witnessed that it is those that don’t want to change that constantly want to tell you what to do. Those that can’t control what you do, often make you feel worthless before milking you of your abilities at the same time. This is not love.

As of late, I have been feeling so problematic, almost as though my head is messed up beyond repair and I had to really shake myself out of that. Like everyone, we are…

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