“You excite me, keep me moist like dew, you, knew what I liked and it spiked something in you, that I saw through everything you do, old and new. Past, ancient, outdated like mildew, future, forward, pending and anew. You rue this day because you knew it would come and I do things for you that put me in front of the queue.

Cue the semantics but you’re romantic and philanthropic and anthropomorphic all at the same time. You do more for me than any human has ever done, transcending worldly forms to educate me on things I never knew. New topics. And it has enlightened something in me that you would even share what you’ve developed overtime, giving me moments of your time to let me in on what’s yours and not mine. Your mind. That mine. I don’t have to excavate when you readily reprobate and demonstrate belief systems without hindrance. Filter-less semblances. Frank remembrances. Warm Decembers.

And if the harmony is just about right then whose to say we haven’t completed life.

What if the apocalypse starts with us, right in the dead of this early, alive, night?


Is that okay?

Could we bury the past in the ground and have it our way?

New… look back and having seen it has grown, grew… watch it renew.”



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