If and when I have a child I will name her River, and I say her because she is from me and thus a woman by default.

I know they say woman was made from the rib of Adam, a man. But if from the bosom of the Lord that I am carried and will return, then surely I will find sustenance here. Milk. In the natural world. Nourishment. In the afterlife.

And if God is all-loving, all-seeing and all-knowing then She must be woman. For I know of no man to bear these traits. To give paradise and bear fruit is a maternal. I know of no man who gives his only child for the sake of the sins of the world as Doreen Lawrence did with her son Stephen. To create in 6 days the world as women do descendants in 9 months. Don’t tell me the birth of creation is not divine womanhood when it is with we that procreation ends and begins, from Virgin Mary to Mary Magdalene.

I’m not placing the value of women on birthing rights, I’m just saying that if I have a child, and it is a might, I will name her River. Because she will flow from me. Rise and fall with the tide, carrying and marrying with oceans, softening all that is in her wake with her motion.

Washing away the blood of lambs at slaughter

Sealing gaps in bed like mortar

Dividing herself between mother and daughter.



(This poem is inspired by ‘from’ which is a poem in the book ‘salt’ by Nayyirah Waheed)



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