Maybe I’m not beautiful

“Perhaps it is true – that the movements that promote self-empowerment are fanatic fallacy. That our claims are baseless and we are clutching at straws when we mobilise the natural hair movement, love our melanin and what not. Maybe these jumbled features weren’t meant for an aesthetic. I don’t say that to be deep, I am being frank. Maybe I don’t look good. We can’t all be pretty. Some of us are just horrid-looking, maybe that is how it’s meant to be. We’re not all meant to be seen on the TV screen. Maybe beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder and we should not soldier through and change mainstream ideals. Maybe I don’t have sex appeal. Perhaps writing is my forte and I should continue do so, ordained with anonymity. It’s not a pity to not be pretty. Maybe it’s just not for me.”


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