I Told You Not To Love Me

I am a black hole that sucks energy from all that tried to nourish it.

I feed on anxiety and sickness, compassion and lust

you cannot fill me.

Everything that is above me, I consume, so anything you give to me is destined only for gloom and doom, I will ingest it and excrete it and tell you to beat it.

Gweh. Disappear.

I don’t want to hear you breathe or heave near me, I don’t want you to even see me.

Delete my number and block me back, don’t come round ‘ere again.

I’ve had my way with you, now good day to you.


I’m not sorry it has to be this way.

I never told you I was selfless.

You assumed I loved myself less because we dove into the sack before we knew each other and now your feelings are a mess… but sometimes it has to be that way.

Today I’d find compatibility, that’s what the horoscope said.

So I led with my body and not my head and told you not to fall for me.

Reaching new heights is my normalcy, it’s normal to me, I’m normal, see: I do this everyday, all the time, sometimes for free, other times for a dime.

I do this for me.

So when I told you not to love me, you should have believed me.

I wouldn’t deceive you.

I only come to receive you, I don’t need you.

But yeah I guess you see through me, right?

Because everything must go your way and since you’re here to stay I have no choice in the matter, oh how I’m flattered.

If only your opinion mattered.

On that note I wish you a good day, okay.




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