As you do with a New Year, I’ve decided to do a clear-out of my wardrobe and switch my style up. I’m kind of tired of my old swag and considering 2017 is the year of glo, my taste in fashion must glo also! Fortunately after 2016’s Boxing Day, I managed to purchase a few goodies at a discount price.

However I’ve still been meaning to buy a few more items which I will be listing below. Above are the list of brands I plan to buy from – a wide range of clothing stores that are both affordable and fashionable.

Below is my clothing list to buy this year:

  • Textured sweater – grey and black
  • Bomber jacket – army green and black
  • Skinny jeans – black, blue, floral pattern, high waist
  • Bodysuits – white, mustard, grey and burgundy
  • Culottes – grey and stripy
  • Little dress – black and red
  • Boots – thigh and knee high
  • Shirt – white, grey and other colours
  • Bag – handbag and backpack
  • Overall – casual jacket, blazer-style jacket and poncho cardigan
  • Crop top – bra-let and vest
  • Turtle-neck – black and grey
  • Jumper dress – wool and cable knit
  • Plain hoodie – black and grey
  • Converse-style trainers
  • Sunglasses

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