Tobi Oredein: A pioneer for black women

So thankful that I’ve been able to meet and work with Tobi on Black Ballad. She truly is a dime and so is her creation. Black British women need hearing and she has given them that voice with Black Ballad. It’s up to us to listen and support the Black Ballad Crowdfund by putting our money where our mouths are ❤

Under the Skin


“I don’t know if I can put my life on hold anymore. Being really personal, I don’t know if I can.”

Tobi utters these words with a detectable sadness in her voice. The thing that she’s referring to, the thing into which she has poured her everything — quite literally — is her beloved creation, Black Ballad.

In the belief that women’s lifestyle magazines of today had failed to sufficiently cater for herself and her peers, Tobi Oredein had the idea to produce an online platform that would become a staple for the black female millennial. “I didn’t like the content that was out there.” Tobi says bluntly. “It wasn’t speaking to me and I was speaking to a lot of black women. None of them were happy with what they were getting in mainstream, but they weren’t happy with what they were seeing in black magazines.”

After spotting a…

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