She, I

I got a glimpse of her today…

She made an appearance, though swift, and I recognised her

Wry smile and all.


She scanned me with those cursive eyes

and my breath caught.


She was supposed to be gone forever, I’d convinced myself of the fact.

I’d killed her with neglect and buried her under emotion – set her alight with my pain and used my tears to excite the flame but she didn’t die.

Or maybe she’d re-risen?

Like Jesus from the tomb, she used the stone of guardedness as a womb to rebirth herself and unearth herself.

Re-anchor into my life.

My oh my, it’s a given that she’d appear today of all days,

she always had the most cunning of ways but the nerve,

when someone you haven’t heard from in months comes and departs in less than a day

it’s hard to be okay, but I am.


I missed her so dearly that if she came yearly I wouldn’t mind,

just as long as I found peace of mind when she arrived…


She didn’t have to talk… she just had to show me I was okay with an upturn of the lips and then I could go back to conducting what life is, my way.

With her, my happiness is never amiss.

For she is my fortune, and every star in my sky, the darkness and the moon, two in one,

She is I.



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