Anyone who knows me knows I am more a music fanatic than a film fanatic. If I like a song I will replay it over and over, however with films, the fascination does not run so deep. I can admit that a film is insightful but not to the degree I will watch it twice or thrice. Bar, absolute classics like The Lion King or the odd Christmas film, English-speaking films rarely intrigue me to the point I will watch them again. However this analogy does not apply to the foreign film.

I find that the candid honesty demonstrated in foreign films makes them makes them increasingly poignant and thus replayable. I can’t say when I got into foreign films but I know when I did I know I became enamoured. Quickly. And not to one particular genre either. I dabbled in many – not letting the barrier of continent or dialect hold me back. And as a result, I have compiled a list of my 12 favourite foreign films below.



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