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This duo. Give me absolute life. Chills. Vibes. Correctness. No seriously, they are the best. I think I first heard them on that Majestic Casual or Les Vibez playlist on YouTube, I’m not sure, something of the sort. All I know is the vocals have me hooked. I imagine their voices are what love sounds like. When my mouth is closed and I have in my headphones, I swear I can taste their voices. It’s palpable.

The first song I heard of theirs was “Too Deep”.

“I think we’re in too deep, don’t wanna… pull out.”

That line gripped me. The dichotomy of love and lust being used interchangeably is one I am familiar with, but the tone of dvsn sweetens the deal for me personally. The control is immaculate. The long interlude / periods of instrumental are to die for. They give you time to recollect after the magical vocals you’ve been blessed with. I love that a balance is struck between them (they are a singer/producer duo) and they’re not the most famous pair. There’s something about the mystique and mystery of this twosome that adds to their handsome allure. And I say handsome because there’s something masculine about the way their songs are sung. And no I’m not talking a Barry White / Teddy Pendergrass baritone but rather the clipped nature. There isn’t a descriptive profession of love. It’s simple, repetitive, consolidating and manly. I feel this way and that’s it.

My recent favourite which may have superseded “Too Deep” is definitely “The Line.”

Say yeaaaah (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

There’s something about church-like vocals that really grips me. The cohesion, the uplift. As a collective, “church voices” come together so sweetly despite their spirited sound. But dvsn isn’t lost in the back-up praise. They thrive through it. Venture through it, and come out on top. As if they are literally orchestrating back-up with a volume switch of some sort as they reach crescendo.

“Hallucinations” and “Do It Well” (I think it’s called) are both amazing too. They have more lyrics so the impact is less melodic but I appreciate the song-writing technique. It’s meaningful and cohesive, not random and full of punchlines *cough cough* (NO SHADE) *whispers* Drake.

Okay let me admit, I am quite cynical knowing that dvsn are signed to OVO. I wish they were independent. I feel like Drake (aka the master appropriator plagiarist) has soaked up all of the talent of OVO to become this one size fits all dynamic artist when in reality he’s really just amalgamating the song styles of PND, Roy Woods, Majid Jordan etc. and siphoning it into his own music style like a fraudster.

I mean what artist does that?

Assesses what the people like and just taps into them like some master puppeteer?

A smart one, you may say but I am inclined to disagree. I know labels and managers and marketers do that, but which authentic artist does that? I don’t know, maybe it’s because he’s Canadian. I know, like Britain, there is a great presence of Africans and Caribbeans so it is natural he is inclined to the odd patois phrase and love for women from the Horn. Nonetheless, I do believe his association with BBK and getting Wizkid and Popcaan and whoever else to feature on that shitty Views album were all part of his ploy to tap into basically every market on the planet. He already has a base in Canada, the UK and the USA: now Africa and the Caribbean are onto him. But it’s not all roses and dandelions. I do think people are noticing his lack of authenticity (cc: Mr Vegas’s rant about Drake’s use of Reggae and Dancehall artists on YouTube). But anyway I digress. As shown by the personal control streaming services like TIDAL, Spotify and Apple give their artists when promoting their music, there is a clear divergence from what a traditional artist is and should be. They can be musical, creative and business-savvy strategists all at the same time – not necessarily controlled by labels or corporate executives. My main issue is ensuring that music remains an art and not a monopoly.

Ok enough about Drake and his identity issues… dvsn dvsn oh yes dvsn. I’m yet to listen to their album “Sept 5th” in its entirety because I feel like I need to be in the right head-space but I’m anticipating that it will blow my mind. In a good way. Like it will make me implode as opposed to explode. I’ve heard all of the tracks but not in the continuing complete format that I’d like to. Maybe I’ll do so tonight.

I look forward to it.

Funny story.

For the longest time I kept pronouncing their name by the letters d-v-s-n until I realised that it was actually pronounced “division.” It’s funny because I listen to their music on Spotify and I noticed every track had the same artwork of a circle above and below a line and I kept wondering what the sign was and why was it relevant (this is how you know I flopped Maths). It’s not until someone pointed out to me that it was a division sign that I realised that their name dvsn was a stylised version of the word division without vowels.

Kinda blew my mind. Lol, anyway check them out if you’re interested, they’re amazing! You won’t regret it.



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