I thought I saw you today

Your flat bed of hair and ghost-like stare, you looked right at me

You got under my skin, made me implode from within,

like a tyrant or a slave

I saw the power in your gaze.

I think you’re following me, helping me feel at peace, to be exactly where I’m meant to be.

I heard your voice.

Well I didn’t hear it but I felt it, see I don’t get to choose when you tune in.

You just come and go at whim and I’m forced to listen to what my body tells me for it is the vessel  in which you speak to me.

You’ve set me free.

I walk around obliquely with eyes downcast and hat over brow not making a sound so I can hear you better, clearer.

It soothes me, like a 90’s groove to feel your voice rain through me.

Amusing. I miss you.

Speak soon.



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