Today is not a good day

How unfortunate it is

not to love one’s self entirely

with every fibre of thy body.


I don’t feel great today. Some days I do

but today I withdrew from confidence.

I’m not liking how the clothes I have bought don’t seem to sit right on my frame, they don’t fit,

or rather sit, the way I’d like them to.

They are clothes that cover my bones but still I am not impressed.

I don’t look well dressed despite the clothes looking well pressed on the model

advertising them.

But she is not the problem. I am. Or I guess I’ll be damned.


I just want to look good like you, feel good like you.

A peppermint tea would do if I was in the mood to go downstairs and prepare this brew.

Can’t find my mug anyway.

Nothing is going right today.

But I guess that’s okay.

Tomorrow is another day. Or rather today is another day.

Either way, I pray I feel better from now on,

not later on but rather when I finish these sentences and end this poem, knowing I am me absolutely, and only self-acceptance will set me free.

There are goals I can achieve but first I must perceive and relieve myself of stresses and second guesses.

Do right by myself and not seek others to impress.

Be me, entirely on my own,

in my zone, on my throne.



Today I don’t feel great and that’s okay.

But in my next moment, I hope to slay.todaytoday.jpg



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