Did you miss me?

I’m not sure you noticed I wasn’t there.

We made plans.

I’m beginning to think I’m invisible, but I’m not sure.

I used to dream not to be seen but lack of recognition can hurt sometimes.

Or is it validation I seek?


After all, if I’m not seen, can I truly exist?

Excuse my existential crisis but have you noticed this?

How being out of sight and out of mind can have one feeling left behind.. it’s just my observation.

You don’t need an education to recognise that everything about us is because of our sensarions.

So when we are deprived, what are we sensing?

If you haven’t seen me, can I truly be alright?

How do you know if it’s day outside if you haven’t seen the light?

How do I know you’re struggling without hearing of your plight?

I don’t know.

I’m just thinking.

I guess we don’t know.

I guess we might.MIA.jpg




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