3 amazing songs I’ve been listening to lately are the 3 pictured above.

All 3 of them have managed to strike a chord within me for separate reasons.

“Crush” by YUNA in particular is a very soft song which I’m not usually fond of. Her tone is breathy and sweet, quite similar to that of a Jhene Aiko but less rich. The fact that she collaborates with Usher makes for a great love song and the two complement one another greatly.

It’s whimsical and light – like a literal breath of fresh air on a still, clear day. No wind and no sun, just pure stillness. It literally clears my head when I listen to it. The two lovers proclaim their affection as if they are not singing to one another but rather to themselves. Honestly, wishfully, in a fairytale-type approach.

“Come And See Me” by PARTYNEXTDOOR is contrastingly a great song, however I prefer the non-feature version to the feature version. Drake appears to be on the original version of the song but my aversion to his rapping ability means I prefer the version without him.

I’m aware this song is old but for some reason, it is only recently that I started to connect this song. The story of unrequited love.

Come and see me for once, you don’t ever come to me

This idea of a mutual love that is not expressed from both parties. It is biased and one-sided but felt emotionally nonetheless.

“Too Deep” by dvsn is a song I stumbled upon not too  long ago that I fell in love with immediately. It came from a YouTube collection called Majestic Casual – a brand of what I like to call alternative music. It’s not exactly my forte: it’s electronic, experimental and indie sounding – a strong contrast to the gritty rap, soul and R’n’B I’m used to.

The simplicity of the song is what caught me. The backing track is so calming and the magnetic comradery of the choir-like voices soothes my soul.

As the one who makes you comfortable, ’cause your lips they’ve got me feeling very vulnerable

The contrasting male voice which ad-libs and overlays the choir makes the song even sweeter. It really puts me at ease and tunes me to a frequency that I adore. Calming. I love it.


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