God of Man

If I loved God the way I love you I’d go straight to heaven,

to paradise.

If I looked to God

the way I look in your eyes

as if it is the setting in which the Sun will set and rise,

I’d be benevolent and stay prayed up all the time.

The same way I stay up with you

lying limb to limb

is the closeness I desire to have with Him.

The way my body is so soaked with sin when you’re around is so profound to me.

I want to hear God’s Word in hymns and have it resound in every extremity of me.

The way I cower at your voice

is how I want to react to God’s word.

As if there is no choice but to listen and glisten in the scriptures to ensure He is heard.

Like the gospel unearthed.

Life without rehearse.

Love is sin in reverse.

Always for better, never for worse.

Something in which I know I can immerse.


The Hands by Michelangelo – it depicts God reaching out to man, yet look at man’s slack fingers






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