For the love of God


For the love of God, love me.

Hug me, rub me.

Put nothing and no-one above me for I am your fortune.

Only through me will your life tune
to the correct frequency.god-is-love.jpg


I’ll grant it, plant it within myself so when we are together
it will blossom.

I won’t fault you for your wrongs.

I will relax and I won’t explain anymore,
how much of a chore it is to love you,
how much of a bore I am because of you,
how few like me because of me.

Shoot I misspoke.

How bespoke a beauty I am.
So convoluted I’ve never been able to set a single thing straight.

I want a direction,
as straight as your erection,
aiming up for the sky.

I want clarity just as you have it
I don’t want to have to babble.

Leave me.

For the love of God, I love you.


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