What if I told you that the love you felt for those men whose faces had been planted to the tarmac was not enough

They were still broken and dead

That you should redirect your love to those who are alive instead

Your father, your brother, your partner in your bed

Channel your love to those who can requite it

Because the love for souls gone is an empty shallow pain nothing can fulfil

Surely if this man was to die it was God’s will

Or if it was not his time then it was the universe’s will

That his blood would spill

Like water down a hill

Death becomes synonymous like a ride and a thrill

And the police parade around with their license to kill

It makes me ill

Physically sick to know this is the deal

The universe is intervening in what should be God’s will

Why do blacks have it so bad that we can never just chill?

Killed by law enforcement despite their pledge to serve and protect not kill

It’s someone’s will

It’s someone’s will

It must be someone’s will

Oh God I hope those who have been killed have put someone in their will

Their kids, mothers, grandmothers.. I hope it gets executed well

That someone will, yes someone will execute that someone’s will well


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