I have this incessant urge to leave England. I keep checking AirBnB, flights and Megabus for cheap travel and accommodation to pretty much anywhere. Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris. It’s dirt cheap. Hopefully I get to go to at least one of them. And I want to buy a new camera so I don’t have to worry about my phone. I’m not usually a picture person but I would still love to buy one – there are some cheap ones. Hopefully I can milk some people and buy it.


Been trynna figure out which one is better. Both are 20MP and 8x Optical zoom – same price. One Sony, one Canon. Nice colours. Only thing I know is that Canon is a lot more known for Cameras so I’m leaning towards Canon. Also they are both 4.5/4.6 stars so they are so compatible. I need a second opinion. But I’ll figure it out. I just hope I can take it with me abroad and not lose it. We’ll see.


Lol I’ve just noticed how weird I am and I don’t mind.




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