Coloring Book

coloring book.jpg

Chance The Rapper’s mixtape – “Coloring Book” is LIFE.

SO BEAUTIFUL. Delectable.

All We Got, Blessings, D.R.A.M, Summer Friends…. what? Gave me TLOP feels. STUPID BEAUTIFUL. And his character, woiiii. That interview with Zane Lowe was life. Genuine. Thorough. Deep. Transfixing. I love the vocals, the sampling, lyrics, wordplay. MATE.

I’ve really been getting back into music lately and I love it. The immersion is blissful. Like I’m lost and I know the market is saturated but I feel GOOD about it. Too good. And I just feel like it  was meant to be.

And I just realised that that Wretch 32 song I saw on my TL is named “Antwi.” Idk why but I feel even more devoted to it because of that name. Really anticipating the receipt of my birthday present (Psyc Monic Bluetooth Speaker) – best portable speaker of 2016 apparently so I’m excited. Wasn’t too expensive either.




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