Quiet Down

My thoughts were so much quiet today and it was the best feeling. I think it’s because I didn’t check Twitter. I guess, the TL has a habit of planting voices and perceptions in my head, thus amplifying my own.

I’ve been listening to Kojey Radical’s EP 23 Winters and BOY do I feel inspired. Enriched. Defiant. It’s twisted something within me. The two songs I keep replaying are Footsteps and Kwame Nkrumah. The beats are hard-hitting, lyrics slicing and bass loud yet it’s so peaceful. I’m not sure if it’s the manner in which I’m listening to it (I’m using new Sennheiser headphones which are to dieeeeeee for, so loud and clear, only issue is that they are shaped to my ear canal and so often fall out of my ears.) But yeah, the songs speak straight to my SOUL. Most songs do. It’s very immersive and I love it.

Boyz II Men – On Bended Knee and The Color of Love

Heather Headley – In My Mind

I watched some movies. Paprika – the Japanese anime. Scarface – the 80’s movie (well half. Dope – 2015 (almost all of it.) Weird array I know right. I’m questioning whether I need to broaden my scope and not be so race-based when finding entertainment.

Oh and I’m hungry. I’m craving a full English, but not fried. I know that sounds weird because there’s no such thing. But I want to boil some eggs, add lettuce, tomato, some peppers and mayo and basically masquerade a filling for a morning sandwich. I may do that. And have some tea. Haven’t had peppermint tea in a while.

I’ve amalgamated all the random draft stories in my “Recreation” folder. I hope to intertwine all of the weird narratives to compose a thoroughly complex protagonist. I want to write this story and upload it to Kindle before they start charging people lol. I’m trying to be simpler with my writing. Simplify and repeat.



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