flawedI am not for your consumption
So do not comment chocolate emojis on my pictures
It is not to my taste and I am not to yours.
Admittedly I am dark,
Sometimes nutty,
But unlike confectionery I will not melt in the palm of your hand.
Rather I am hard,
So no amount of material wealth can afford such a delicacy that is me.
I am rich in the eyes of the Lord I serve,
Though I own no monetary riches,
And I am not square, defined,
With straight edges of inches,
I am misshaped, irregular,
Riddled with bumps, curves and hitches,
And that’s okay yes that’s okay,
Because it’s who I am,
And I don’t apologise for that.


So do not feast your eyes
With hungry leers and salivating mouths.
As I gallivant about your sight,
Jaw dropped in anticipation of a bite.

Take a picture it will last longer.
A few seconds for that app,
On which I will not place yellow smiling emojis over areas you deem too hideous to be on show
Like the skin of my underarm
Or the nose from which I blow
Those pesky dark kneecaps
The bunched skin of my elbow
Those filters won’t strain me,
dog noses won’t tame me,
flower halos won’t maim me,
nicknames won’t name me,
Your white supremacy won’t claim me
I know this is a game to thee.
I am Korkor, from the core I speak and know,
 for it is the knowledge of self that lets me grow.

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