Cambridge Union Debate



A surreal experience!

Spoke in favour of “This House Believes in Political Debate, Not Political Correctness.”

Date: April 21st 2016 at 20:30

Loved it so much despite a few niggles.

Started off with a drinks session (stuck to water), three course meal over which I chatted with fellow debaters/students. Couldn’t really enjoy it because of the crazy nerves and had to race to the toilet about 3/4 times.

Had microphone placed, walked into the debate chambers and watched the debate ensue. 2nd speaker – took tips from the 1st two and walked up to the podium and read from my phone. Many hits and misses.

Some pics to document the moment – (Excuse the dry lips and lopsided glasses).

Finished speech to applause, sat down and buzzed for the remainder of th debate. Was congratulated by so many, felt humbled.


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