Someday I’ll buy an old mp3 player, fill it with my favourite songs and not use my phone for like a year.

I’m scared as to how out of touch it will make me. The world literally revolves around a phone nowadays. Contact family, friends, work, education, general news. Don’t see how I could function without it. But I have to try. I figure that the best time to do this would be during travelling right?  

Digital camera to catch memories. Exponential bank account balance (womp!). A watch and calendar lol. Really immerse myself in the experience. Writing hand written letters to family and friends back home, aaah the delight. Maybe the odd call from the hotel lobby / airport just to let others know I’m alive – or a brick phone with Lebara mobile to make calls for contact purposes.

No social media, no updates on the world around me. I guess that’s good and bad. Won’t be aware of the danger around me. That’s illogical, I can barely read a map. Navigation would be almost impossible without Google Maps. But I’ll make it work somehow. Fact is I’ll need the internet (safety purposes) so a very basic phone with internet and network would be optimum. No apps needed. Particularly social media.

Sounds like a plan.


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