My skin care routine



Drink lots of water

  • I find that fizzy drinks/sugary snacks/greasy food tend to make the skin appear dull and mottled. Water hydrates not only the body but the skin, clearing it up so it has a healthy, shiny glow to it.


  • I aim to drink 2L of water a day (not just because of my skin but because I’m always thirsty lol).


Body Wash
  • As I have very sensitive skin – my main body wash is always a Sanex product with minimal/no colourants or soap. Most Sanex products specify skin types so I either use the normal – dry skin version or very sensitive skin version. Both incorporate the dermo-3 active ingredients promising ph Balance, moisture and protection and are all deeply cleansing.


  • For extra oomph, I usually add a Dove soap or a scented shower gel from the Body Shop for a nice smell. Dove especially adds in the moisture department which I love. And the Body Shop scents are irresistible and a super bargain price. My favourites are Strawberry and Satsuma but they’re all excellent and during the festive periods, special editions come out of which Glazed Apple is my fave!


Tea Tree Wipes
  • One-use facial wipes mean you can clean your skin thoroughly in a few strokes and throw it straight in the bin. With a cloth, you have the worry of reapplying lingering bacteria/dirt build-up if you don’t wash the cloth properly.
  • Tea tree soothes the skin, giving a cool feel that makes your face feel hydrated and refreshed – so although you’re cleaning your face, your skin is not left stark dry.





  • I’ve never been too much of a fan of exfoliation as I find my skin is very dry and so oil build up is not a problem. Nonetheless, I saw some before and after pictures of a person who had used a Lush product called Dark Angels and was so astounded at the different that I bought a tub myself. No regrets!
  • Super cheap at £6.95 and all-natural ingredients, this product is made up of charcoal and black sugar to give you a real exfoliating feel. You don’t need to leave it on for a while like a face mask. Literally, take a pea-sized amount in your hands, add little splashes of water to make a paste, spread evenly in hands, apply to your face like a face mask before washing off either with a damp cloth or your hands and water before patting dry.


  • It IS messy so make sure you’re not wearing any nice clothes and clean your sink and skin straight after as it WILL STAIN. Other than that, it’s a must have. I use it twice a week and my skin always feels super clean afterwards. It’s all natural so it will expire within 3-4 months so I recommend giving some to others e.g. friends/family so it doesn’t go to waste as it is very fab!

Moisturising the skin

I suffer from sensitive skin that dries out VERY EASILY so I’m ALWAYS experimenting and mixing and matching when it comes to body creams: these are the combinations that have worked for me.
  • My best combination was probably Vaseline Cocoa Butter Radiant and Raw Virgin Coconut Oil. The cocoa butter was good for toning and evening and the coconut oil added the deep moisture my skin needed. I added a small amount of coconut oil and let it melt before adding the cocoa butter – mixing between my hands and slathering it on.


  • I haven’t been using coconut oil recently as I usually buy it on Ebay and it’s delivered from the Philippines so it’s quite expensive. But it lasts so long and it does the job so I think it’s good value for money so I may start buying it again! (Currently I just use Vaseline Cocoa Butter for my skin – face and body – and it works well, but when I do add coconut oil it’s for my body only).
  • Palmers Olive Butter Formula was one of my favourite creams to use. Usually I find Palmers products too greasy but this was just perfect. It had a light consistency and smelt exquisite. Quite pricey and not easy to find. But a must-have if you want that fresh clean feel. Wouldn’t recommend as a daily moisturiser as I find it doesn’t penetrate as deeply as I like. But as a top-up on the go it works wonders.
  • Nivea Rich Nourishing is another fantastic favourite of mine. Very thick consistency so it moisturises very well (sometimes too much). Only apply if your skin is very clean and dry (e.g. after very deep exfoliation) and in DIRE need of moisture or you end up feeling like you’re in a very tight, full body leotard of moisture that you can’t get out of.
  • Vaseline Aloe Vera was a lot like the Palmers Olive Butter. Great, fresh scent with a nice, light consistency. Just didn’t penetrate as deeply as I liked. Plus, as a woman of colour, I like a cream that improves complexion e.g. evening and toning, and this didn’t do that. Perhaps in conjunction with a cocoa butter/coconut oil it would have worked wonders. Great as a top-up for areas like the neck or face in the summer.
  • Bio-Oil is not a product I can use alone. I usually use it with Vaseline cocoa-butter as a base as I find oils do not moisturise my skin at all. Plus it is watery so I don’t find it penetrates well. I can’t testify to it fading marks etc. but it is great in conjunction with butters like cocoa and shea.

Underarm care

  • Mitchum is the Holy Grail of all underarm products for me (believe me I’ve been through them all). It has both deodorant and roll-on which I sometimes use in conjunction or separately.


  • Only down side is that the roll on can leave you feeling clammy and leaves white marks so I only use it for when I’m wearing long sleeves. But they really do work! And so affordable too! Work best on clean, dry underarms like most underarm products.


  • Lemon or lime are good underarm products for those who prefer natural ingredients. Or even if you don’t mind whether it’s natural or not, they are also pretty good though I don’t use them all the time. If I find one day I have an empty spray bottle lying around, I juice the lemon/lime and pour it into a bottle and spray after a shower on clean, dry underarms. Only issue is that I find the juice overtime becomes less and less effective the longer it is exposed (refridgeration is probably best if you want to keep it in optimum condition).



  • Talcum Powder is useful for when you’re having a low-activity day or just want some underarm protection when you’re just about to sleep. I use either Avon Soft Musk or Far Away Shimmering Powder – both smell good and feel good too!



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