No relaxer,

but let’s get one thing straight.

We will not always co-operate.


Sometimes I’ll be stiff,

so locked in place

it will bring you dread.


But I’m here to stay,

so grab the grease soufflé.


Stretch me out,

loosen me up,

twist your body around me

I am your perm rod.


Twisted together in synchrony,

so close nothing could ever come between us.


Keep me close like a satin head wrap

and I’ll protect you,

staying on your mind through the night,

physically and emotionally on your mind,



In the morning we’ll unwind,

I’ll twist you out,

I’ll be easy to find,

so anytime they see you they’ll know that’s me

and I’m who you’re about.


So do knot

get it twisted.


The track ahead is not straight

so you’ll have to believe in me,

hold onto those contour lines you call cornrows

and weave with me.


Slather some oil so your edges are slick,

cut the loose ends and we’ll never split.




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